How Can We Help?


How We’re Different


Beyond providing the typical amenities, Vita strives to help our residents live more vibrant, meaningful and balanced lives. We offer an extensive menu of programs and services which enable them to identify their unique gifts and move toward realizing their potential.

Examples of Programmatic Services

Life Coaching

Personal Training

Spiritual Guidance


Themed Parties

Informational Seminars

Financial Coaching

Career Inventory

Community Outreach Opportunities

Wellness Wheel Approach

We determine each property’s selection of services using a “wellness wheel” model to assess the current developmental needs of the residents. The wheel features seven spokes, representing seven areas of life: physical, emotional, financial, intellectual, social, spiritual and professional. As with a wheel, if there is an imbalance with any of the spokes, the wheel is less effective.

Therefore, it is our goal to assess which areas need attention and offer resources to help each resident move toward a more balanced, more fulfilling life. As our residents experience personal growth, they become more confident and productive members of their families, workplaces and communities.

Giving Back to the Community

Vita Residential not only loves to giving back to residents and team members, but also to the community. We have had fundraising for Red Nose Organization who helps make a difference in the UK and Africa. Red Nose Organization helps meet the needs of people needing immunizations, mental health help, education, domestic violence and fighting malaria. We also have participated in collecting toys to donate to Toys for Tots. In 2016, our company collected over 900 toys for the cause. Our most recent give back adventure in 2017 has been in support of Soles for Souls, collecting gently used shoes to help people in 3rd world countries build their own micro enterprises.