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For our sophisticated and accredited clients, we may offer private placement investment opportunities. These opportunities are marketed to accredited investors only after appropriate pre-qualification and the disclosure of information through a “private placement memorandum.” To learn about current opportunities for accredited investors, please click on the links above or email Steve Sisson at

Multi-family Investment

Why multi-family?

Economic Risk:
With home ownership dropping from 70% to 60%, multi-family housing demand has experienced a steady increase and is projected to remain stable as Americans continue to shift away from buying homes. The 2012 Market Outlook conducted by Colliers International reported that there are 7.4 million renters in the U.S. Investors who bought apartment buildings just a few years ago are selling for big profits.

Product Differentiation:
Values of apartment buildings in the best locations—with modern amenities and extra bells and whistles—have increased to record territory according to an index compiled by Green Street Advisors. The previous record was set in 2007.

Increasing Demand:
While economic concerns are cooling the market for most other types of commercial real estate, apartment rents and occupancies continue to rise due to the demand from millions of people who have experience foreclosure and are unwilling or unable to buy their own homes. As a result of the national recession, apartment construction in 2010 was at its lowest since 1960, thus causing an enormous demand for new rental units (Colliers International, Feb. 2012)..

Why a Vita Development?

Neighborhood Environment:

A close-knit community setting, extensive amenities, large clubhouses, and green spaces offer a hometown neighborhood feel which many developments lack.

Convenient Location:

Today’s renters seek a location that provides convenient access to work, as well as shopping and dining choices. Ease of access, visibility, and desirable surroundings are priorities for Vita Properties when selecting a viable site.

Upscale Communities:

A Vita Properties development is designed for those who desire a superior living experience. Each community is gated and fenced. Only quality materials are used in construction such as hardiboard and brick/stone exteriors, and architecture is visually appealing, both inside and out.

Personalized Amenities:

Vita residents enjoy unique services such as life coaching, personal training, career counseling, financial guidance, themed gatherings and much more.

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