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We serve our residents and investors through acquiring, developing and operating apartment homes. Our daily focus is to enrich the lives of our team members and residents.



We strive in every aspect of property management and development to obtain excellence and other qualities of being outstanding!

Positive Winning Attitude

We approach each task and interaction with a “can do” attitude, focusing on potential solutions instead of the problem itself.


Knowing that a reactive stance means always being behind, we seek to anticipate what might happen and address issues immediately.


We always seek to discover and speak the kind truth to each other and to everyone we encounter.


Believing we are blessed far beyond what we deserve, we approach life and work knowing that we are all just human beings, with similar struggles and aspirations.


We genuinely care about our fellow team members and our residents, and it shows.

Our Team’s Key Players

Steve Sisson


Steve has managed, developed, and operated multi-family housing since 1992. Prior to founding Vita Residential, he served as a principal with a management company ranked in the top 100 regionally and servicing 9,300 units in 14 states. Since 2006, Steve has developed more than $250 million multi-family properties finance via FHA debt. He is a Certified Property Manager and Certified Commercial Investment Member who holds a Tennessee Real Estate Broker’s license and a Tennessee General Contractor’s license.

Audra Horn

Executive Assistant

Audra Horn has been with VITA since October 2017. Prior to her transition into the multi-family industry, she worked in accounting and law. Ms. Horn is currently VITA’s Executive Assistant, where she manages the company’s Human Resources, and assists on developments and acquisitions.

Michael Dingey

Regional Director of Property Management

Michael Dingey has managed multi-family housing since 2012. Prior to joining Vita Residential, he managed several “A” class properties including a high-rise comprised of residential apartments, condos and commercial retail real estate. During his career, he worked for two of the top three largest management companies ranked by NHMCH. His experience started in affordable housing where he learned the value of creating housing for all. He is a Certified Apartment Portfolio Supervisor and a Certified Apartment Manager. He also holds a Master’s Degree in Business.

Bobby Rushing

Project Manager

Bobby Rushing has served the multi-family industry since 2015. He has worked in various roles including: Community Director, Interim Regional Manager, Executive Assistant and Acquisitions Manager. Mr. Rushing is currently VITA’s Project Manager where he oversees new construction projects.

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