Building Employee Trust

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thTo be successful in managing employees, you have to build a repertoire of skills to motivate employees. Creating a strong working relationship with each of your team members occurs when you increase trust with each member of your team. A team is successful when they have a trusting relationship with their manager.

Trust is the assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something; one in which confidence is placed. There are skills that you can learn that will help you build that trust.

Be honest. Tell the truth as best you know it. This is basic respect that we offer others and ourselves in our interactions.

Keep your commitments. A manager that consistently follows up when they say or gives an update builds trust naturally with their employees.

Handle mistakes respectfully. Everyone makes mistakes. Choose your words wisely when you are handling a mistake with an employee. First of all, always discuss in private and be upbeat about the problem.

Listen, listen, listen. This is such an important skill to develop as a manager and one that is the most challenging to master.

Treat all with respect. Master your emotions and treat all team members fairly and equal. Equal doesn’t have to be exact. Equality is based on respect each individual brings to your team.

Try this: Take some time to evaluate how you build trust with your employees. What is the one thing you do now that increases the trust levels with your team members? Then, what is one action that decreases their trust levels with you?

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