How to Save Money and Eat Healthy

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1. Homemade Café: The average cup of coffee in America is $1.38. Many of us spend more than that, or buy several in a day. If you buy 1 cup of coffee, 5 days a week, that calculates to $359 a year! And, if you are getting coffee at a specialty shop, you could end up spending around $5 for a coffee! Make it at home and bring it to work with you in a travel mug to save some cash.

2. Go Nuts: When you are craving a snack at work, you may be tempted to purchase pricey and unhealthy snacks at the convenience store or from a vending machine. To avoid this, buy nuts in bulk and portion them into little bags or containers so you always have a healthy snack on hand.

3. Meatless Mondays and Try It Tuesdays: Vegetarians tend to spend less money on food. A couple of days a week, try avoiding meats and go for vegetarian sources of protein since they are less expensive.

4. Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: Change your behavior, not your budget. Take a look at how often you eat out, and try to cut it down to two times per month. Decide to bring your lunch to work for four days per week. Instead of going out for drinks in a bar after work with friends, take a walk or meet for tea or coffee. Keep a shopping list so you don’t buy things impulsively at the market. Small changes in behaviors can help pad your bank account and keep you healthy, too.

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